Hi there!books_wel

Welcome to the site. Come on in and see what’s going on.

I’ve met so many incredible people on my journey to becoming a writer. From fellow writers to critique partners to editors, and of course wonderful twitter friends.

I owe all of them so much for helping me along the way. With this site, I hope to pay some of that kindness forward.

I’ll try to offer insights on writing, my personal journey and also a glimpse into my own works in progress.

Be sure to check out the Writing Tips section if you’re looking for advice on writing a novel or short story.

There’s also Raising-a-Reader which talks about my life as the parent of a voracious middle school aged reader. I share my personal thoughts on how we can help our children develop and keep a life long love of reading. It’s easier than you think.

Don’t forget to check out the section on my Books, where I accidently let a few of my characters come to life – and they promptly take over that part of the site.

Lastly, if you’re at the point in your own journey where you’re preparing to query an agent for representation, then I hope you find Larry’s Queries helpful (and somewhat humorous).

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Don’t be shy. Share away.

All the best,
JD Burns