A scene from an editors life?

Here’s a short little conversation I dreamed up in my head between an imaginary editor and her husband. Hope you enjoy it.

The Setting: A female editor and her husband are out on a Saturday night for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant.

Editor: [politely sips a spoonful of soup] Mmmm. Perfect. So how’s your sirloin, dear?

Husband: Oh it’s wonderful. Very tasty. Soft as butter and practically melts in your mouth.

Editor: [drops spoon, which clangs against bowl] Seriously Stan? You’re using “telling” again and then you follow that up with two badly overused physical clichés. Dig deeper and SHOW me how you feel about that steak.

Husband: [Swallows deliberately and raises hand.] Check please.

This made me chuckle. It also makes me feel sympathy for editors…and their significant others.

All the best,


3 thoughts on “A scene from an editors life?

    1. Oh dear! I think I’ve been busted. Hi Lara. There’s nothing to definitively say this little conversation popped into my head because of any past editing experiences I may have had at the business end of your red pen. Could have been any editor…really…anyone. 😊 (I hope you at least had a chance to finish your soup).


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