Why #p2p16 can be so much fun – if you let it be.

Bloggers note: I originally published this post for the #p2p16 March contest. I have since updated with information for the #p2p16 October contest.


October 22 and #p2p16  are almost here and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Fair warning though – If you enter, you may also want to prepare yourself for a case of the nerves. How bad can it get?

Well during last summer’s contest, I suspected I might be getting a bit obsessed with refreshing my twitter feed. Good thing for me there’s a nice twitter addictlittle park within walking distance of our house. So I grabbed the dog and the kid….gave my darling wife a peck on the cheek and took off to clear my head. Or so I thought.


I finished up in the park and headed back home. I’m rounding the corner to our block – pushing the stroller with one hand and towing the dog by the leash with the other – and I see my wife standing at the top of our driveway (hands on hips). Uh-oh. Somethings up.

Wife: [smiles disarmingly] Hi honey. Sooooooooo….how was your walk?

Me: [I gotta play this cool] It was nice. Relaxing. I feel great.

Wife:  Good. Because I’ve been worried about you lately. You seem a bit distracted.

Me: Distracted? No. I mean busy, yeah….but I’m focused, you know.

Wife: [nodding] Oh, I see. So then why did you come back with the wrong dog?

Me: What? [looking at a very angry-faced beagle] Oh. Ha-Ha. That’s funny. You know beagles. They can look alike sometimes. A mixup like this could happen to anyone. Pfffffftttt…Doesn’t mean I’m distracted or anything.

Wife: [glances at stroller] Really? Because Tommy’s in fourth grade now, and we don’t even own a stroller anymore.

Me: Oh crap!

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t quite that bad. Don’t worry, I didn’t really accidently walk away from the park with someone’s stroller (I may or may not have had the wrong dog).

The point is #p2p16 can be a lot of fun. It can be also be a lot of stress if you let it get to you. So don’t.

Instead, take the best advice I can give you…and just relax and enjoy the ride 😎. You’ve done all the hard work to get to this point. You wrote your book, and your pitch, and your writer bio, and you got everything turned in on time. And now that you’ve hit “submit”, it’s largely out of your hands anyway. So once you’re in, sit back and have some fun with it.😃

Yeah, you’re going to be following that twitter feed closely. And yeah, you’re going to have some highs and some lows as the editors tease us with those deliciously tantalizing hints about which entries they are shortlisting and which they are passing on. It’s all part of the experience. Just remember, you’re going to be in it with a bunch of other people having the same exact ups and downs as you.

You’ll read one of the contestants tweets and say to yourself “Wow, that’s exactly what I was thinking.”

And then it hits you – you’re part of a community now: the #p2p16 community. Whether you end up being paired with an editor or not, you will still come away a winner. I’ve met some incredible people through P2P and you will too.

CommunityMad props to Samantha Fountain (@FountainWriter) for putting #p2p16 together, and mad props to all the editors that make this whole deal possible. I love you all.

I’ve posted about #p2p16 a couple of other times, and someone suggested I consolidate the posts in a single spot. Seemed like a good idea, so….

Past #p2p16 posts:

Best of luck to all the #p2p16 contestants this year! Go get ‘em!!
JD Burns

(And please – if you feel stressed enough to need a walk to the park, just be sure you come back to the house with the right dog…and the right kid.)



One thought on “Why #p2p16 can be so much fun – if you let it be.

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    P2P16 opens in a few hours! I’ll be going through entries as quickly as possible so I can have time to read partials. Follow my progress on Twitter (LaraEdits) or Snapchat (LaraWillard).


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