Show don’t Tell – Extra (links for more information)

showdontellThis is an Extra post I added for my series on “Show don’t tell”.  It contains links to more information.

If you’re looking for any of my previous posts on “Show don’t tell”, they can be found below.

Post 1: What is “Show don’t Tell”
Post 2: How do we know if we are using “Show don’t Tell”
Post 3: When is it ok to “Tell” instead of “Show” 
Post 4: Showing inner thoughts and other “Show don’t Tell” myths.
Extra : More articles on “Show don’t Tell”

Links to other sources of information on “Show don’t tell.”

1. Jerz’s Literary Blog – Some excellent examples of telling .vs. showing

2. How to Tell When You’re Showing – Great article about how to know if you are using “show” or “tell”

3. Why “Show, Don’t Tell” Is the Great Lie of Writing Workshops – I really liked this article because it is a counter-argument to the need to “show” all the time.

4.Fiction University: Show .vs. Tell – A great list of additional articles on Show don’t tell.

If you have some favorite links on “Show don’t tell”, I’d love to hear about them!

All the best,
JD Burns


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