Nuclear Basketballs and Other Dangerous Inventions.
(Middle grade Mystery – with a humorous side)

Status: Currently seeking representation (40k words)

The Kindness Game.
(Middle grade Whodunit Mystery)

Status: Rough draft complete – revising (46k words)

The Nine Dragons Safe – a Hong Kong Mystery.
(Middle grade contemporary Mystery – with a humorous side)

Status: Currently seeking representation (80k words)

My life as a Middle School Mob Boss
(Middle grade contemporary humor – 65k words)

Status: Currently seeking representation 

The Boy and the Silver Tree
Book one of the Silver Tree series

(Middle grade Fantasy – 60k words)

Status: Complete.

The Wood Troll who Wasn’t
Book two of the Silver Tree series

(Middle grade Fantasy – 65k words)

Status: Complete (65k words)

The Death of the Silver Tree
Book three of the Silver Tree series

(Middle grade Fantasy)

Status: Work in progress.